Monday, April 23, 2012

As You Enjoy Instagram iPhone Photos - Facebook Buys the App

Everything all came in a blur, and while everyone has been quite busy taking their Intagram iPhone photos left and right, Facebook has already made a big move by buying this application vendor. But why purchase this seemingly simply photo app? Simple, millions of users of the leading social networking site wants faster mobility. And it doesn’t seem to have enough of what its members need from its current apps. They are painstakingly slow.

Hence, the $1 billion buyout of Instagram – which actually started as Burbn, a mobile sharing application and written in HTML-5. At first, it has so many rough spots, as Burbn wants to cover everything – every  feature that people might possibly want to become mobile. This is seemingly one of its mistakes; which is being undecided on which niche to target. However, Burbn actually said that possessing too many features early on was a part of its strategy. This way, it can learn from user the most popular features – ones that they really like best.

With Burbn’s application of photo-sharing, it was clear that this was the feature that users wanted the most. And so Instagram app came to be.

Facebook saw the potential with the kind of success that this photo app vendor is treading. Imagine it was able to garner 1 million users, and 2 million more users a few months after. That is certainly a fast feat compared to the two most popular sites these days, Twitter and Facebook. Finally, its popularity led it to become the top application at Apple. Hence, Instagram iPhone photos have become a common for those who are eager to share their pictures.

Now, Facebook owns it and is now on its way to improving its mobility.  At the same time, the social networking giant stated that it will still give Instagram the freedom when it comes to managing its millions of members in their use of the apps, which is mainly taking Instagram photos and posting them on different web sites.

However, there is a strong sentiment about a subtantial number of users – that they have become avid users of this photo-sharing application precisely because it shuns away from anything that resembles Facebook. We will then just have to wait and see if this  Instagram app acquisition has done well exclusively for the vendor, or if the premier social networking site of almost 400 million users will benefit from such a move as well.

Image credit: ThePitcher (William Pitcher)

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date on October 2012 - Still Tentative?

Everyone is wondering about the Apple iPhone 5 release date, particularly the iPhone fanatics and enthusiasts. Actually, as people awaits for the release of this latest phone model, around 30 million or more of the iPhone 4 smartphones were sold in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone. This means that that 4 is so far the best seller, which is why the company is making sure that they it will make a repeat or even exceed such feat.

Industry experts strongly predicts that the demand and purchase of the S5 model will reach 50 million units in 2012 as well as 2013. Everybody is abuzz about this hand phone model, and more than eager to fall in line at Apple shops as soon as it becomes available.

What makes Apple iPhone 5 an immensely-awaited headset? It seems like all fanatic users from all over the world are awaiting for iPhone 5 release in 2012. First off, it is known that all the features that 5 version offers will certainly more advanced and high-tech than its predecessor. It is expected to deliver far more excellent services than the previous models. Delivering superb quality is a tradition known to Apple products, which is why the brand is synonymous to world-class product success.

Actually, many have thought that iPhone 5 would have been available in the last quarter of 2011, but since iPhone 4 was released, S5 release was postponed. There have been strong indications that its debut will be realized on October, 2012. Incidentally, the date of planned release will coincide with the anniversary of the passing away of Steve Jobs.

Hence, all of us have just a few months more to wait before we scramble for the line to the doors of authorized Apple stores. As we eagerly await the Apple iPhone 5 release date, all the we can do is to check for the latest online news on the gadget's development. As for the moment, let’s marvel at the possible high-tech features that the gadget might possess, as well as additional functions not seen in previous models.  
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Smartphone Black - Wise Idea to Have One

161/365: iPhone 4

As soon as Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, it is now touted to be the best smartphone there is now in the market. Most hand phone and telecommunication equipment experts in the industry have rated this handset as the most superior and advanced smartphone. It is way ahead, in comparison with the rest of existing smartphones. It certainly possesses all the essential and elegant features that you want to see in your own hand set.

Apple iPhone 4 Smartphone Features and Details

1. Comes with all Apple iPhone 4 accessories in box.

2. Scratch-resistant surface

3. 3.5" TFT capacitive display

4. Multi-touch input method

5. Accelerometer

6. Three-axis sensor

7. Two Cameras

8. GPS,

9. Multitasking capable

10. A4 CPU Product Features

11. Does not include AT&T service contract

12. Facetime

13. Retina Display

14. HD Video Recording

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Smartphone Black Features

The device boasts of power coming from dual-core processor that not only renders the phone to work super fast, but it ensures that it works at par if not beyond other popular dual-core smartphones. This was a crucial upgrade from Apple, and quite expected by many as well since the latest smartphones are now powered by dual-core processors.

Apple iPhone 4S Smartphone runs the most recent iOS 5 operating system, being the very first device to use this latest OS. Apart from this, the handphone has other key added functions like Siri and iCloud, both of which make the use of the Apple gadget a more convenient and enjoyable one.

When it comes to phone camera, the devices has an superior 8-mega pixel, considered to be a necessary upgrade – making picture-taking as a worthwhile endeavor.

Video calls are great features that you can take advantage of with the device. Easily, you will be able to connect with family and friends with just a few click of the button. You can take advantage of live videos as you talk to another person at the other end. Likewise, it has advanced connectivity features, which means that you can enjoy full unrestricted Internet reception in the comforts of your own room.

Lastly, you are assured that battery has a solid backup, as the gadget delivers talk time of a maximum of seven hours on 3G networks and  fourteen hours on 2G networks.

Let’s talk about some downside. A number are quite dismayed that the overall look of the device doesn’t differ from the previous  model. Hence, fans are initially thinking of whether there has actually been major changes, upgrades, and improvements on Apple iPhone 4. However, it has been proven that it has all the users can bargain for as far as useful, upgraded features and functions are concerned.

Needless to say, Apple iPhone 4 has been upgraded with so many essential features and functions that it is a must-have for all high-tech handphone enthusiasts. At the same time, the price is still affordable, which means well for the tight-budgeted. If you want a quality hand phone that has all the important Apple iPhone 4 accessories, connectivity and call features, and entertainment applications, Apple iPhone 4 should be on top of your list.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

3G Apple iPhone for Sale - Consider Price and Quality

There are many shops, whether online or brick and mortar stores, that have quality 3g Apple iPhone for sale. But the marketing and sales of this latest high tech iphone gadget is at its fiercest in the internet.

Many cell phone, iPhone and PDA shops found on the internet have really 3g Apple iPHone for sale. And indeed, while one might think that these online shops fight it out for every prospective client that comes their way, there is actually business for everyone as many individuals are now thinking about having their own Apple iPhone.

When prospecting and searching for the best possible 3g Apple iPhone for sale, in terms of product quality as well as price, one must do some rigid research and check on as many iphone web sites as possible.

You have to compare one online shop from another and see how each differs in terms of the benefits and promotions as well as freebies that are being offered. A particular online shop might offer his 3g Apple iPhone for sale at a much lower price than the next internet-based store, yet there is no difference when it comes to product quality. Obviously when it comes to deciding which offer to accept and purchase, it is a must that one should seriously consider the iPhone’s price and product quality.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Buy Cheap Unlocked Apple iPhone Online

A good place to buy cheap unlocked Apple iPhone is via online retail shops. There are indeed a lot of retail stores on the internet selling high-tech gadgets including iphones at really how prices. This is because of the stiff competition that exists online.

Good thing that such online stores can keep the prices of their good low; this is simply because of the absence of other retailing expenses. Over head costs do not exist unlike what the brick and mortar retail shops have, and so such expense are excluded in the gadget’s price. Therefore it is indeed logical to buy cheap unlocked Apple iPhone online.

Another reason why it is completely safe and convenient to buy cheap unlocked Apple iPhone via the internet is that there is no need to go out. All you have to do is log on to any online shop and make the purchase at the comforts of your own homes.

Actually does it matter whether you go to an offline retail store or to a shop online? No, what’s more important is to make sure that the item that you intend to buy is brand new and that you are given a warranty that will protect the purchase that you made. Do not only go for lesser price but focus instead of the product quality when you buy cheap unlocked Apple iPhone.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Cool Animoto iPhone App

If you own an Apple iPhone, surely you must have heard about the latest iPhone app as it is making waves and becoming a big hit especially to video fans – the Animoto iPhone app.

Indeed, it is considered by many users as the coolest app to date. If you are one who loves watching video, you definitely have to install the Animoto iPhone app on your phone. You can even create fantastic videos from your pics and sounds.

What about slideshows, do you dig them? This is one function that you can enjoy with Animoto. Slideshows from your many photographs can be done easily and in the shortest time possible.

The video that you create with Animoto iPhone app is created in Quicktime. You can still edit it to your heart’s desire and when you are done and have made a video masterpiece, you may send it to anyone via email.

Indeed, it is a iPhone app worth installing on your Apple gadget – the Animoto app. Image credit: chelseavanvickle

Friday, December 19, 2008

Free iPhone Ringtones for You

The Apple iPhone 3g is definitely earning great review and is now very popular all over the world. And with such amazing gadget in one’s hands, surely there is a need to have great accessories and one that is very important are free iPhone ringtones.

Where does one find free iPhone ringtones? There are a ton of sources of these apple iphone 3g freebies – you do not need to exert so much effort. You can find and get them from brick and mortar iphone and cell phone shops to online websites.

Many companies and stores selling the apple iphone 3g are offering such freebies such as apps like the Animoto iPhone app in order to entice more customers into buying the gadget from them. What’s good about the newest model is that you are able to download gazillion amount of ringtones and so there is so much fun when it comes to having your own personal tone.

Here is a short clip on how to get free iPhone ringtones.